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Custom Book Designs provides professional book design and illustration for self published authors. I specialize in helping new authors get their book printed and in an online storefront.

Custom Book Designs

By Annette Wood

Oct 2, 2017

Recent Project
Millican Pecan Recipe eBook

Recently I had a fun project... designing a recipe eBook for a Pecan Company - Millican Pecan. Make sure and check out their different Pecan Pies and Milk Chocolate Caramillican... mmm.

The client had some really awesome photos of recipes made with their products and wanted an ebook showing healthy ways to cook with pecans. She also had some text for tips that she wanted sprinkled throughout the eBook.

It always makes a project so much more fun and easier when I have great images to work with!

So I took her recipe text and photos and showed her 3 different concepts

and some options for the tip pages, too...

After the client chose the concept, as I was laying out the pages, I thought about the fact that all the ingredients used in the recipes that were Millican Pecan Company products would have a link to the product on the website... and that it would be great to show some of those... so I pulled some of the images from the website and did a little photoshop magic to make them work for the ebook. I also sprinkled around some images of other ingredients on pages were the recipe was a little shorter.

With the inside approved it was on to the cover... The client provided a couple beautiful pictures she had envisioned as the cover, but I didn't feel that they worked with the text overlay...

so I tried out some layouts with recipe photos, and also sourced a couple of images from a stock photo site. The client was pleased with the cover with the bag of nuts, but I kept thinking I could do better, so I found more photos and designed a cover that made both of us very happy. Another job in the books (ha!) and another satisfied client!