Every project is different... and just as the design for your book will be unique, so is the pricing! To give you an idea of cost, I have shown some previous projects and their pricing.

Some of the variables that can change your quote:

  • You absolutely have a firm concept, I will just provide variations of that concept 

  • You have no images or you provide all images instead of me sourcing and providing them.

  • You images are tip top, ready to go. 

  • I have to perform Photoshop magic, crop and/or color correct images.

  • The length of your book!

  • Special formatting needs (callouts, pull quotes, charts, bulleted lists, etc)


Every  project includes advice, handholding, suggestions and best practices. I love working with authors and will be there to support you, give opinions and champion you, you author, you!!

I could go on and on, but you get the picture. 

These prices are estimates... every project is different. After I review your manuscript you'll receive a detailed quote unique to your project.



Unless there are huge changes to the project after you have chosen the concept, my quote will be my fee. 
All edits and corrections are already factored into the quote. So no need to worry about going over budget... you'll know the final cost at the beginning.


  • Fill out the Contact Form and send your manuscript. And of course you can always call or email me, too!

  • I'll read your manuscript and we'll set up a phone call. I like to read your manuscript and develop my initial concepts before I hear your ideas, that way I'm not influenced, or boxed in, and can be more creative with my ideas. During the phone call we'll get to know each other and talk about any ideas you might already have, but if you don't have any, that's fine, too!! You can also show me any examples you like, and any you don't like, too - that can be surprisingly helpful! I'll let you know my initial thoughts and ideas that came to me while I was reading your book.

  • I will send you a detailed quote.

  • If all looks good, send me the signed quote and I will send you an invoice for 25%.

  • I will create and send the concepts. The number of and level of detail of the concepts will vary according to the project. You can learn more detail on the page that describes your project: Book Cover, Book Design, eBook or Illustration.

  • I'll send the concepts (again, the timeline varies from project to project) some of which will be based on your ideas. If you are dead set on what you want, make sure and tell me that at the beginning of the process and all concepts will be variations of your idea. This will also be reflected in the quote.

  • You select a concept and give me feedback. While this almost never happens, don't worry if you don't like anything,  feedback will lead me in the right direction... sometimes seeing ideas you really don't like  and the feedback you give me can be super helpful and really aid in focusing me in a more appropriate direction.  Rest assured that from our back-and-forth we will create something that you love! If at any point during this process you feel that it's not working (this has never happened!) I will gladly return your deposit minus a 10% kill fee.

  • After you have approved a concept i will send an invoice for 50%.

  • I'll send you the first draft.

  • You will provide feedback - unlimited revisions are included! (Crazy, I know!)

  • I'll send a new draft... sometimes the second draft is enough, sometimes there will need to be more back and forth.

  • After your final approval I will send an invoice for the remaining 25%. Upon receipt I will send a print file specific to your needs, (Createspace, Lightning Source, Lulu, or an offset printer), all original files and a 3D image of your book for marketing. For ebooks you'll receive the agreed upon file format (epub, mobi or pdf) and if applicable, the interactive pdf. 

  • And always, always: No image fees and 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Custom Book Designs

Custom Book Designs provides professional book design and illustration for self published authors. I specialize in helping new authors get their book printed and in an online storefront.

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