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Custom Book Designs provides professional book design and illustration for self published authors. I specialize in helping new authors get their book printed and in an online storefront.

Custom Book Designs


If you have a manuscript that will benefit from creative formatting of beautiful photos or unique design of images and callouts, then I am definitely the designer for you!

Flowable (or standard) eBooks allow the user to change the font size and the text reflows according to the device. This format is great for books that are mostly text.

Fixed Layout eBooks retain their layout and do not resize according to the device. If your ebook has a lot of images and you want to keep your beautiful design intact, then Fixed Layout is the better choice.


Fixed Layout is great for children's books! You should also choose Fixed Layout for

  • Cookbooks

  • Coffee table books

  • Graphic novels

When it comes to ebook formatting there are two types: Flowable and Fixed Layout.



Your Fixed Layout ebook can be delivered as an epub, mobi or pdf.