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Custom Book Designs provides professional book design and illustration for self published authors. I specialize in helping new authors get their book printed and in an online storefront.

Custom Book Designs

Book design

cover & interior

If you've checked out more than a page or two of this website, you probably realize that I'm a big fan of the ellipsis... (love those little dots!!) But don't worry... only appropriate punctuation for your manuscript!!

Did you know hyphenation should never cross a page spread? And no orphans? No widows?

Don't know what any of that means? That's okay, because I do and it's what I do best - make sure your book is properly formatted so that the reader just ambles along lost in the beauty of your words, not stopped short by awkward formatting.

Your book’s interior design is just as important as the cover. While the cover can convince the buyer to start reading, a well formatted interior will make it a pleasant experience and a poorly formatted layout can leave your reader with a bad impression. There are all sorts of things to consider regarding the design of a books interior...

  • The Cover design and interior design should compliment each other

  • Is the tone of your book serious? light-hearted? The interior page design should be dictated by the content of your book. Font choices and image treatment can help define the overall "feel."

  • Would your book benefit from images? Should they be photos or drawings? Would callouts, graphs and charts help give visual clues to the reader and illustrate complex content?

The overall design of your book should be unique to YOUR manuscript... There's no need for a silly template! See my Prices, then request a quote for your book. Or feel free to call or email me to schedule a complimentary 30-minute consultation.